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Justin Mark Campbell

like father, like son...

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Created on 2013-09-19 07:04:21 (#2082308), last updated 2013-09-19 (208 weeks ago)

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Name:Justin Mark Campbell
Birthdate:Jul 14
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Justin Mark Campbell (nee Carlisle) is the first born child of Mark Campbell, even if Mark had no clue about him. Justin was conceived when his mother and father were in college and had a night of drunken, unprotected sex following an epic college party. They never really had anything to do with each other again after that, and especially not after Justin's mom, Karina, discovered she was pregnant, and way too late to get a termination. In fact, she got as far as nearly five months into the pregnancy before she realised what was going on, and when she did, she never had the guts to go to Mark and confess to him what had happened. Mark was one of the most popular kids in college and an ace student but a known player, topping his class and destined to become a hot shot lawyer. Carly was barely passing in her Business degree and ended up dropping out in the late stages of her pregnancy to move back home from New York to Chicago where she grew up. She loved being a mom, but she was never really a responsible one. She palmed Justin off to her parents more often than not so she could go out partying, and ended up fleeting from boyfriend to boyfriend most of Justin's young life. She got a job as a waitress to have an income, but it was mostly her parents who supported her and Justin, not wanting the little boy to miss out on things he needed.

Justin was an unassuming kid. He was happy enough, liked to perform, sing and dance, even wanting to take ballet classes when he was a kid and he dreamed about becoming an actor in movies. He did well in school, but never had a lot of friends, just more of a small close-knit bunch which all went their separate ways in high school when they ended up at different schools. It was high school where things really began to take a turn for Justin that he just wasn't prepared for. He never liked any of his mother's love interests and instead stuck close to his grandparents. He was an only child because his mom didn't want the responsibility of a second kid. It was when Justin was about 14 that he began to get picked on at school for dressing nicely and wanting to take part in arty or musical things rather than sports or hanging out with the guys in his spare time. By the time he hit 15, he knew that he was gay and when he told his grandparents and a couple of his close friends, he never expected for it to be spread all over the school and Facebook.

Justin ended up getting harassed, bullied and picked on for being 'a fag', which all came to a head when he was beaten up by a couple of lacrosse jocks and ended up in the ER with a broken arm and a concussion. His grades started to really slip, and he threw in all the activities he loved and froze his friends out, not knowing which one of them had spilled his secret. He fell in with the wrong crowd and began smoking and drinking. On his 15th birthday, he went to a party and tried smoking pot, closely followed by accepting the offer of an Ecstasy pill. He was so trashed that he followed the group to a local gas station where they stole a bunch of candy, and when they got away with it, it was the thrill of it that had them shoplifting more and more. Without his mom's or grandparent's permission, he got two tattoos, one on his bicep and the other on his chest, and ended up with a bad smoking and drinking habit he couldn't (and didn't want to) shake, even stealing money from his grandparents to pay for cigarettes. Drugs became the norm every time he hung out with his friends, and he started to resent his mother more than he ever had when she started a relationship with a rich property agent who hated Justin and kids with a passion. She moved in with him and Justin stayed living with his grandparents, oblivious to how much stress he was putting them under, both convinced the police were going to knock on their door one night and tell them he was dead.

The bullying stopped, if only because the bullies were reluctant to confront the "bad crowd" and Justin went right back into the closet, saying he wasn't gay and they got it all wrong. He had sex with a couple of girls to prove his point... but something inside always felt wrong and lost. He tried to drown it out with booze and smoking weed, but his sixteenth year on the planet was turning into a nightmare, especially when he got arrested for shoplifting and spent a night in jail before his grandpa came to bail him out the next day. Ashamed when he saw the disappointment in his grandparents eyes, Justin didn't want to cause them anymore grief. He went to his mother and blackmailed her into finally telling him who his real father was by threatening to spill details of her promiscuous past to her new boyfriend when he thought she was just an innocent little secretary for his company. She told him, and Justin packed his bags to leave Chicago on a bus to New York City, about to land on the doorstep of his biological father and his new (albeit accidental) wife, Gen Hart...

Justin is an original character for RP musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. His bio and backstory were written by his creator. His PB is Sterling Knight, who belongs to himself. No infringement intended.

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